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Each age has its own anti-aging cream

Each age has its own anti-aging cream: how to choose the right anti-aging cosmetics and use it without disappointment a woman looks at her face in the mirror after 30 years, signs of aging gradually begin to appear on her face. Fine lines form around the eyes, the complexion fades, and the skin becomes dry and flabby. This causes a strong disorder in young and active women, whose internal state does not correspond to the appearance of the face at all.

Anti-aging face creams are designed to eliminate and prevent this problem. Funds can not be purchased on the recommendation of friends and reviews on the Internet. The cream should be selected individually, based on age problems and skin type. So it’s better to figure it out for yourself.

Content Age

Content Age-related skin changes Features of anti-aging face cream Types of creams and selection rules skin Type How to apply anti-aging cream Review of popular brands How to prepare a cream at home Age-related skin changes Three faces of different ages aging is a natural process of age-related changes in the body, the first signs of which appear on the skin of the face. This is logical. The skin of the face is more exposed to external factors than other organs, often shrinks and is closely connected with all body systems. Involution (reverse development) of the skin begins at the age of 30 years, most pronounced after 40 years. Serious changes occur in the skin: thinning of the epidermis (the upper layer of the skin); slowing down exfoliation; reducing the production of subcutaneous fat; reducing the rate of cell renewal by almost 2 times (regeneration); violation of the ability to absorb moisture from the environment; reducing the production of collagen (elasticity protein); thickening of blood vessels (malnutrition); decreased activity of the sebaceous glands (dry skin); activity of pigmentation processes.Each age has its own anti-aging cream

Externally, it appears rough, dry and flabby skin. On hard, highly stretchable and inelastic skin, wrinkles quickly develop. Violation of cell nutrition, active pigmentation and protruding small vessels make the complexion unattractive. A relatively small number of elastic fibers cannot support the skin. It sags at the corners of the eyelids and mouth, leaving the feeling of an eternally angry and tired person. The oval of the face changes and deforms. Features of anti-aging face cream there is no Single cream formula. Each cosmetology concern develops its own recipe for different skin types and aging. What is included in the Search for effective means to combat aging is ongoing. Therefore, the list of active substances is updated with new elements every year. Many of them simply do not have time to test, based only on the theoretical base. Therefore, it is better not to experiment, use creams with proven and predictable action of the components. Hydration and moisture retention These active substances absorb moisture and maintain an optimal level of moisture in all cells. A thin protective film is formed on the surface of the skin, protecting it from external influences. Active ingredients: hyaluronic acid; glycerin; panthenol; aquaporins; propylene glycol. After application, the cracks of wrinkles are filled in, which visually makes the skin more even. Eliminates peeling of the epidermis and minor inflammation. Antioxidant protection a Woman with a cream in her hand these substances inhibit the development of free radicals that damage healthy skin cells.

They slow down the formation of wrinkles and aging, increase the activity of the skin’s natural defense and metabolism. Active ingredients: vitamins C, E; coenzyme Q10; green tea and grape seed extracts; astaxanthin; glutathione; alpha-lipolic acid; beta-carotene, retinol and lycopene. Additionally, the substances protect the skin from the sun’s rays. These substances improve the function of skin fibroblasts that produce proteins and hyaluronic acid. Ingredients: elastin and collagen; peptide complexes; amino acids; rice and Myrtle extracts; resveratrol; dimethylethanolamine (DMAE), THPE; proxylan, rhamnose, kinetin; Royal jelly. With regular use, the skin tone and turgor increase, and the facial contour is restored.

Intensive nutrition and accelerated regeneration These components make up for the lack of nutrients, accelerate the metabolism and renewal of skin cells. Make up for the lack of lipids (fats) in the epidermis. karite, jojoba, coconut, olive, rice bran oils; retinol (vitamin A); aloe extract; sea buckthorn, rosehip, and fir oils. There are also universal components with versatile action. Recently, creams with slime and secret of snails, extracts of black caviar or algae, snake venom and other exotic components have become popular. Effects from the application Do not expect a quick and highly noticeable effect. It is unable to completely eliminate deep wrinkles, severe sagging of the skin and deformity of the oval face.

The effects of most creams are achieved by accumulating regular action of active ingredients. Therefore, you can visually notice changes after 10-14 days of use. The skin color changes, minor inflammations and age spots are eliminated. It becomes more elastic and velvety to the touch, and due to constant hydration, fine wrinkles are smoothed out. The oval of the face looks more toned. The keratinized layer of the epidermis is eliminated. The skin evens out and begins to reflect light in a different way. Looks radiant and healthy. Indications and contraindications there is no Consensus on when to start using anti-aging cosmetics.

Early application of creams, when the skin does not need strong components, will disrupt its natural processes. You will need a constant supply of expensive drugs. Only one thing cosmetologists agree on: from the age of 28, all women need to include in the complex of facial care good moisturizing creams with filters from UV radiation. Otherwise, you need to focus on the condition of the skin, especially after 30 years. The fact that it’s time to choose an anti-aging cream.: reduced elasticity; appearance of fine wrinkles; formation of age spots; color fading; excessive dryness; drooping corners of the mouth. In addition to early age, individual sensitivity to the components may be a contraindication to use. In this case, a strong allergic reaction may occur. Therefore, when studying the composition, you need to be especially careful, and after buying the cream, be sure to test it. Patients with chronic dermatitis need to select special hypoallergenic creams with a light texture without aggressive components.

Such tools can be found in the lines of concerns that produce dermatocosmetics. Types of creams and selection rules the choice of cream should be treated very carefully. Almost all products contain a note about the age. This is no accident. The formula is developed based on the processes in the skin that are characteristic of a certain age.

Pharmacy creams woman and several bottles of cosmetics are the safest and most effective means, the results of which are confirmed by testing and quality certificates. The components of the creams do not mask, but treat and eliminate skin disorders. They are characterized by a balanced and safe composition. They do not contain harmful preservatives, fragrances, parabens or allergic components. The only downside is the relatively high price, but it matches the results. Night creams are designed for intensive nutrition, deep hydration, restoration of metabolism and production of natural skin proteins. Depending on the components, they neutralize the effects of oxidation processes in the skin that accumulate during the day due to environmental factors.Each age has its own anti-aging cream

Day creams These products are lighter in texture. Together with the main substances, they contain components with protective properties against environmental factors and UV rays. Be sure to purchase creams separately for the night and day. They work in different ways. Day cream additionally protects the skin from external factors, night cream nourishes and restores. Eye care Products are designed to care for the thin skin around the eyes. With the right selection, they eliminate puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and sagging.

After 30 Years of age

After 30 Years of age, it is important to focus on preventing wrinkles. The cream should contain sunscreen filters, antioxidants and components that maintain the level of hydration in the skin. For example, hyaluronic acid. After 35-40 years at this age, the loss of natural skin collagen is already pronounced and noticeable by external signs. You need to select creams with substances that stimulate the production of elastin and collagen. As a rule, they are marked “lifting effect”. Fast-acting components: low-molecular-weight peptides, glucans, rhamnose, and collagen. After 50 years, there Is a pronounced process of deformation of the oval face, which indicates menopausal aging. The composition of the cream should include versatile active ingredients. These are peptides, retinol, growth factors, and energy stimulators.

They must be supplemented with antioxidants, oils, moisturizing and nourishing components. In the video, a professional cosmetologist gives recommendations to choose the right anti-aging cream. Skin type Cream buy suitable skin type: oily, normal and dry. Preparations for dry skin contain elements of special fats to soften and moisturize.

They are not suitable for use on oily skin and may cause blockage of the sebaceous ducts. Creams for oily skin contain components that reduce fat production and narrow the ducts. Applying them to dry skin will lead to additional drying. Composition Is the most difficult indicator. In order for the cream to work in a targeted way, it is to eliminate individual problems that they need to be identified. Only experienced cosmetologists can cope with this task. Therefore, you need to consult with a specialist. If this is not possible, they are guided by age and skin type. How to apply anti-aging cream after purchasing a new anti-aging cream, you need to conduct a sensitivity test.

By Stan Morales

Summer skin care or how not to age 5 years

In summer, our skin suffers from lack of moisture and exposure to the scorching sun. An overabundance of ultraviolet light leads to dehydration, photo-aging and the appearance of age spots. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, you can include in your daily care products with SPF-factor.


Sunscreens with a high SPF index contain several filters that protect the skin from the entire range of solar radiation. They neutralize the negative effects of ultraviolet light, protecting the dermis from burns, dryness and redness.

Important. Using products with SPF-factor, You will be able to stay in the sun for much longer without any harm to the skin.


Maximum protection from the sun is provided by products that have SPF and PA filters on their packaging.

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor (“sun protection factor”) and shows how effectively the sun filter blocks UV rays. If unprotected skin turns red after 10 minutes of direct sun exposure, applying the product with SPF-15 will provide about 2 and a half hours of sun protection (SPF-15 x 10 minutes = 150 minutes). Most people start to get burned within 5 to 10 minutes, but light-skinned people get burned almost immediately, especially in direct sunlight.

SPF-15 blocks 93 to 95% of UVB rays; SPF-30 blocks 97% of UVB rays; SPF-50 blocks 98% of UVB rays, and so on.Neither of these criteria can be considered perfect, but both give some idea of the difference between SPF indicators and how this factor relates to Your sensitivity to the sun. Redness and burns of the skin indicate damage from UVB rays, but you risk getting even more trouble from UVA radiation, and without any symptoms — do not consider yourself safe just because You do not notice any warning signs.

PA is a scale of protection levels designed to gradate products against UVA radiation, in addition to the standard SPF, which shows the level of protection against UVB radiation. You can see the following symbols on the label: PA+ (low level of protection against UVA radiation), PA++ (moderate level of protection) or PA+++ (high level of protection).

The Council. When choosing an SPF cream, focus on your lifestyle. The more time you spend on the street, the stronger the tool you need.


Apply sunscreen to the skin for 20-30 minutes before going outside. In order for the product to provide 100% protection, it must be used in the proportions strictly indicated on the package. As a rule, this is 2 mg per one centimeter of skin, which is equal to the volume of 1/3 teaspoon per face. Important. If you do not just walk, but are engaged in active recreation: swimming, Cycling, climbing a mountain, treat your skin with cream every 2-3 hours, regardless of its level of protection.


To moisturize the skin in the summer, it is better to use the lightest possible means. For this purpose, serums, essences and ampoule cosmetics are well suited.Summer skin care or how not to age 5 years

What components should be included in moisturizers

• * snail slime – for oily and problematic skin;

* hyaluronic acid – for deep hydration;

* collagen – for Mature and dehydrated skin with wrinkles.

When choosing creams, you should give preference to light textures that do not give excessive stickiness and fat.


In summer, the skin sweats more, and the sebaceous glands increase the production of sebum. Plus, dust is added to this, which, under the influence of moist and warm air, becomes an ideal environment for the reproduction of bacteria. To avoid the appearance of inflammation and acne, you can only use deep cleansing.

Expert advice:

  1. try to wash your face with warm water. To cool oily skin, you can use ice cubes, cool masks, but not tap water;
  2. as cosmetics for cleansing, mousses, foams or milk with tea tree extract, snail mucin and hyaluronic acid are ideal. The best tool for removing makeup from summer will become hydrophilic oil;
  3. In the hot season it is necessary to reduce the use of scrubs and peels. To do this, they can be alternated with masks made of clay;
  4. A good tool for urban residents will become the dust of the funds are indicated on the package “anti-dust”. They create a kind of barrier on the skin that prevents the penetration of smog and dust. As a quick cleansing of the skin from greasy Shine during the day, it is good to use matting wipes. And when choosing a toner for the summer, you should give preference to products without alcohol.

EMERGENCY CARE-Choosing the right face cream

If you have spent a long time in the sun without first protecting your skin with face cream, do not despair. Platinum Beaute Review products with collagen content will help you quickly eliminate redness and the first signs of dehydration. The faster you apply them to damaged skin, the less consequences you will get. But you need to understand that this is not a panacea. Women are delighted with this cream. You can safely sell if you are over 30 years old

Well, now you know how to take care of your skin in the summer and how to help it cope with the” Sunny ” consequences. I hope my experience will be useful to You.

By Stan Morales

Theories of human aging. Causes and of aging

The aging process has been studied by scientists for a long time. After all, only by solving a complex riddle called “aging” people can find really effective keys to slowing it down or preventing it.
Many theories, assumptions, and hypotheses about the main causes and features of the aging process have been advanced by scientists in various periods of development of society and science. Many of them seemed incredible and fantastic but many gave hope that humanity could cope with aging in one day.
Modern scientists claim that they have carefully studied the various “theories of old age” that were developed by their predecessors, and conducted their own research in this area. They analyzed the results and compared them with the conclusions of the scientists who worked on the study of aging for centuries. This allowed them to get as close as possible to solve the most important mystery of the human body. Perhaps, this will help to overcome not only the first slight signs of aging but also to avoid old age in the near future.

For many years, humanity has been concerned with the question: how to defeat old age and stay young for many years? At this stage of development of medicine it is impossible to give an accurate answer to this question, but science does not stand still, and today scientists have achieved a major breakthrough in the understanding of the aging process.

What is the aging.

The main reasons Aging is a complex physiological process that occurs with the organism of every living being. In other words, a certain age, vital signs gradually fade away. There are several reasons that cause premature aging of the human body. These include:

  • constant stress;
  • excessive physical activity;
  • alcohol abuse, Smoking;
  • failure to comply with the diet (frequent consumption of coffee and other caffeinated beverages);
  • the slagging of the body;
  • elevated sugar levels;
  • the presence of concomitant severe diseases. Progeria.

Description and symptoms

The process of aging of the organism occurs in most cases at a certain age, however, there are people with a premature aging syndrome. In medicine this syndrome is called progeria. This occurs due to the defects of human DNA, provoking changes in the internal organs and skin.Description and symptoms

There are about 350 cases of the disease. He exposed both children and adults. Children’s a type of disease called syndrome Hutchinson-Gilford. Children affected by this syndrome, there are changes in the body characteristic of the elderly: cardiovascular disease, aging of the skin, problems of musculoskeletal apparatus, hair loss, atherosclerosis.

On average, children with the disease live for 11-13 years. People with adult kind of progeria begin to age, usually in his twenties. In 20 years the first signs: gray hair, thinning of epidermis, loss of hair. In the period of puberty is marked stunted growth. By the age of 30 a person has a serious disease, characteristic of older people: cataracts, diabetes, malignancy, osteoporosis, skin wrinkles, etc. This syndrome is called the syndrome of Werner.

People with Werner syndrome rarely live up to 60 years. In General, the prognosis is unfavorable, most people die as a result of comorbidities.

Basic theories and mechanisms of aging

Currently, there are several contemporary theories of human aging. In the 19th century German biologist August Weismann speculated that there is a mechanism of aging of living organisms. Then, his hypothesis was not accepted by colleagues, but at the moment most of the facts point to the correctness of this theory. Modern scholars are of the opinion on the impact on the aging process of many different factors that reduce the body’s resistance.

The theory of apoptosis

Proposed by Vladimir Skulachev theory of apoptosis is based on the assertion of certain program a “suicide cell”, which at a certain approach can be canceled. Skulachev convinced that every cell in the body is within a certain body and exists as long as it resides in the respective biochemical environment. In other words, apoptosis is self-destruction of cells, focused on the normal development of other cells of the body. The process of self-destruction of cells, unlike necrosis, is not “violent” and pre-programmed in each cell.The theory of apoptosis

A Prime example of apoptosis can be considered the development of the human embryo in the womb. At certain stages of pregnancy the human embryo appears a process similar to the tail, which subsequently dies unnecessary. According to Skulachev, the cell infected with virus susceptible to apoptosis, because it interferes with the functioning of other cells.

The process of her “suicide”, and the remaining part of the remaining cells use as a building material.

The free radical theory of aging

In 1956, scientist Denham Harman suggested that the culprits of aging are free radicals, but rather their effect on the cells of a living organism. Harman believed that the radicals resulting from cellular breathing, can negatively affect the body, causing over time a mutation in the DNA.

It was assumed that respect for a person special diet and taking certain medications that affect free-radical reactions, can significantly increase life expectancy. However, this theory of human aging subject to doubts for many reasons. Scientists agree that aging of the human body is a complex process, the development of which play a role as genetic predisposition and the influence of external and internal factors.

Despite this, there is confirmation about the participation of free radicals in the development of many age-related diseases.

Elevation theory

In the early 50-ies was extended elevationa theory of aging. According to this theory, the aging process starts as a result of increasing the threshold of sensitivity of the hypothalamus to the hormones contained in human blood.

The ancestor theory is Vladimir Dilman, a scientist from Leningrad. He believed that the effect of hormones on the hypothalamus leads to an increase in their concentration in the blood. As a result, the person has some diseases, typical for older people: diabetes, malignant tumors, obesity, immunosuppression, cardiovascular disease. Dilman believed that all processes in the body controls the brain, including levels of hormones. In the body of every living creature has a program of development of the organism, lies at the genetic level, but aging and associated diseases are a side effect of its implementation.

The theory of “cross-linking”

According to this theory of human aging, sugar, coming into work with proteins, sew them together, disrupting the proper operation of the cells. Due to the formation of cross-linking the lost elasticity of the tissues. Especially dangerous such a process for the arterial walls. In this case, the loss of elasticity can lead to high blood pressure and as a result a stroke.

Cross-stitching are formed as a result of metabolism, a natural process in the human body. In most cases, they are destroyed themselves, but now had discovered the effects glucosamine – molecule AGE-class in the vast majority of formations of cross-links. Connection formed by this molecule, so strong that the body cannot fight them on their own, with the result that interferes with the normal function of internal organs, which is the main cause of aging. At the moment the number of studies on the effects on the molecule glucosamine.

Telomere theory

In 1961, the American scientist L. Hayflick made the discovery.

The result of observation of fibroblasts, he found that they can only share a certain amount of time so that by the end of the division process cells have signs of aging, and then die. In 1971, Alexey Olovnikov suggested that such a Planck cell division is associated with the duplication process of DNA.

Telomere theory

The fact that telomeres (the ends of linear chromosomes) with each division are shortened, and subsequently the cell is not able to share. Correlations have been found between telomere length and human aging. Thus, the older the person becomes, the shorter DNA telomeres. Currently there is no single theory of human aging, since most modern theories study the individual processes of the phenomenon. But, having studied some of the causes and mechanisms, the person is able to influence them and extend their life for years to come.

What is biological age and how to define it

Many scientists agree that the number is not in the passport reflects the actual age of people. The number of past years may not coincide with biological age. But how do you know how old people really are? At the moment there are many tests on the biological age. Unfortunately, none of them gives a clear answer to the question of how to defeat aging, but it is possible to get a real idea of the condition of the body at the moment.

One of these tests is to determine the degree of aging of body cells from the blood. Based on the study of biomarkers (indicators of aging) scientists make a conclusion about the state of organs and systems of the body. Through this test, doctors can detect problems early on and prevent their further development.

On the Internet you can find many varied and interesting tests of biological age. Whatever the results, the biological age is not a sentence, but only one of the reasons to reconsider a way of life.

How to prevent the aging process

Currently, there are the science of gerontology, the study of various aspects of aging of living organisms, including humans. The basis of this science is the study of the many aspects of aging and ways of dealing with it.

It is no secret that the aging process is possible both to accelerate and to slow down. It is enough to follow certain preventive measures aimed at the improvement of health and General condition of the body. We age not because of old age but from exposure to a variety of external and internal factors. The first age-related changes in the body start at about the age of twenty. At this moment it is necessary to take measures aimed at the prevention of aging.

Scientists-gerontologists have identified several of the most effective ways in dealing with old age.

The rejection of bad habits

Many people underestimate the effects of nicotine on the body, and in fact it is a powerful trigger of various diseases. In the course of research has found that Smoking shortens life by an average of 8-15 years. In addition, peoplewith this kind of harmful habit, are more prone to serious diseases. Smoking has a negative impact not only on the internal organs, but also on the skin.

The rejection of bad habits

However, not many people are willing to part with a cigarette, as Smoking has long been in the habit. In this case, it is very important to find like-minded people and to quit Smoking gradually, since abrupt withdrawal from nicotine can be a cause of stress for the nervous system.

It is important to note that the infrequent use of high-quality alcoholic beverages such as wine or brandy, can have a positive effect on the blood vessels and nervous system. But to abuse alcohol still not worth it.Enough to drink a couple of glasses of good wine on the weekends.

Proper nutrition

For anybody not a secret that a proper diet is an excellent prevention of many diseases, but few people know that a balanced diet helps people preserve youth for many years. Interesting method of supply used by residents of the Mediterranean regions.

Their diet is dominated by seafood, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Red meat, on the contrary, is used in very rare cases. It is also important to observe the correct mode of water intake, as dehydration adversely affects the metabolism, the internal organs, blood circulation, leads to increased slagging of the organism. Normal person should consume 2.5-3 litres of clean water per day.

Physical activity

It is scientifically proven that during the life of telomeres – the end portions of human chromosomes, are shortened, but “moving” people, this process is much faster. The ideal prevention of ageing can become a simple set of physical exercises. Physical activity should be moderate.

Do not expose your body to heavy loads, otherwise it will work at the limit of their possibilities. You need to find something for everyone. You can do yoga or fitness in 20 minutes, but every day. Thus it is possible to achieve maximum effect.

Compliance with the sleep mode

In today’s tough world, many people neglect such an important component of health, as sleep. Lack of sleep has a huge effect on the human nervous system. Reduced mental ability, concentration, disturbed thought process, increased irritability, appear frequent headaches, reduced immunity.Compliance with the sleep mode

Continuous lack of sleep may lead to disruption of the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Deficiency of melatonin can lead to numerous negative consequences, as it has on people is a powerful antioxidant and slows down the process of aging.


Sometimes the problem is easier to prevent than to solve, which is why it is important to know in advance about the possible risks and the development of a disease. Fortunately, medicine does not stand still and there are currently numerous diagnostics and screening programs that help to see a full picture of the health status before the disease moved into an active form.

Recommended to have a blood test at least once a year – it will help to control the level of sugar and cholesterol in the body. Periodic monitoring of health status will help to cure many diseases at an early stage of their occurrence. It is especially important to pass the necessary examinations after 40 years. This habit allows time to notice age-related changes of the body and prevent related diseases.

Fight aging with vitamins

According to scientists, we age not age. One of the reasons may become deficient in vitamins and minerals, greatly affecting life expectancy. For example, b vitamins are necessary for proper Central nervous system and brain.

Vitamin D reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and provides regeneration of bone tissue. The main assistant from the group of trace elements is magnesium. The fact that the body is unable to produce magnesium on their own and must obtain it from food or in supplements. However, the lack of magnesium can accelerate the degeneration of cells.

For this reason, many experts prescribe to their patients vitamins against aging and normalization of the body. Not worth it to engage in self-treatment. The necessary appointments shall be done only by a doctor. Otherwise there is a risk of overdose of vitamins that will bring more harm to the body than their deficits.

By Stan Morales

Retarders of old age

Age is a very relative concept. This is not about your chronological age, which no one can change. This applies primarily to your biological and psychological age. They both depend on you.
You may have noticed that some older people are very energetic and positive. They live a bright and eventful life. Many of them travel the world and enjoy every moment of life. But many young people live boring and monotonous lives. They are busy with work problems and daily household chores. Life does not bring them joy and satisfaction.
Now answer the question: “whose life is more diverse and attractive?” In fact, age is not a decisive factor in determining your lifestyle. It all depends on your thoughts, capabilities, and ability to perform certain actions. You can be a young guy or a girl but have absolutely no desire to have fun and get joy from each new day. So, it’s not you that depends on your age but your age depends on you. Do you want to know how to feel young and full of energy even after 60? Then continue reading this article.

There is nothing easier than determining the chronological age: you only need to open your passport and see the date of birth. However, the “passport” and biological age of most people differ. What can we say about the psychological age – it can not only differ from the first two, but also challenge them.

Psychological age is a person’s self-perception and self-awareness, his behavior and his internal state. Together, all this greatly affects the biological age. In other words, the way we perceive and feel ourselves largely determines our health, our activity, and our appearance.

So what allows some women to stay young at 60 and others to become “aunts” at 23?

“Genetics are very important,” say researchers of the phenomenon of centenarians. “But a healthy lifestyle is more important” – say statistics and life experience. “Argue as much as you like,” who might say – ” but the fact remains that humanity as a whole is living longer, so it’s time to recognize changes in the age classification.”old woman

According to the latest who data, today the so-called “young age” lasts from 25 to 44 years. So if you are 40 and you are called a “girl”, do not be embarrassed – everything is according to the classification! Further, from 44 to 60 years, the modern person is in middle age, from 60 to 75 years-in the elderly, and only at the age of 75 — 90 years old age comes. Those who are over 90 — who calls centenarians.

These colossal shifts in chronological age have occurred literally over the past 100-200 years, because even at the beginning of the XIX century, a man or woman at 35-40 years old was considered to be very old. And, of course, this affected self-perception, lifestyle, and behavior.

But does today’s lengthening of chronological life mean an automatic extension of psychological and biological youth? Not always. Staying young in mind and body at 60 is primarily hindered by our psychology, internal attitudes and attitude to life.

Markers of psychological old age

The main hypothesis, which has spent billions of dollars on research, says: it is the brain that determines the speed of our aging. Nature has ordered that the form is maintained by the organism for which this form is really important.

What does it mean? At the beginning of life, the brain is very busy: it learns the world, helps a person to know himself, find his place, understand the laws of life. The whole body is involved in these processes and works at the limit of its capabilities.

But as soon as the world becomes uninteresting to you, as soon as you stop asking questions, learning, expanding your competence, learning, as soon as you isolate yourself from all sorts of activities-then old age begins.


Over ways to counteract biological old age, the symptoms of which are well-known, the best minds of mankind are struggling and not without success. Psychological old age also has clear, though not so obvious, markers and its own “retarders”.

1. Relationships with time

The first sign of psychological old age is the feeling that the most important, interesting, exciting events in your life occurred in the past. That nothing important will happen in the future and you should not start anything. Psychologically, an old person lives with memories, a young person lives with plans. In the West, it is customary to go to University at the age of 50 or even 60, start a new business, learn to dance, plan amazing trips and lead an active sexual life. And, of course, for all this, you need to be healthy, energetic and attractive, that is, to maintain biological youth! And if there is such a need, the brain commands the body to stay in shape!

In our country, I have heard from a 30-year-old client that she “will live and so”, because she was abandoned by a man and she will not meet another. Pessimism, a sense of hopelessness, lack of plans, endless grinding of memories – all these are markers of psychological old age and its catalysts.

Accordingly, to prolong psychological youth, the first recipe is to make plans, live in the future and strive to develop. Being optimistic about your future, that is, believing that a lot of good and important things in life are still ahead of you, is critical to staying young.

2. Attitude to your limitations

Psychologically, the young man believes in his own strength and capabilities. He understands that all the beautiful and important things that can be realized in life are his sphere of influence, the extent of which depends only on the desire of the subject and the choice of ways of action. Psychological old age, on the contrary, is very associated with a sense of limitation and self-pity: “I will never be able to dive 100 meters or jump with a parachute – the forces are not the same!”. However, the point is that young people do not need to be young! You should not pretend that you are 20, if you are 50, and overexert your body physically.old and young

Excess is stress, and stress is the main factor in aging. Yes, we do have a lot more physical limitations over the years, but they are only related to our biological age. Admitting this, psychologically, the young man argues: “Yes, I can not do what I could in 20. But I now have so many new features, abilities, and abilities!”.

To discover new opportunities, new joys inherent in this particular period of life, to treat the body’s resources wisely, to listen sensitively to your needs and limitations – these are the settings that prolong psychological youth for decades.

Set yourself difficult creative tasks, “shake up” your neurons, learn languages, travel, do all possible sports: it is proven that with age, creative efficiency increases and in some areas you can easily surpass yourself 20-year-old!

3 . Degree of emotional competence development

Another marker of youth associated with a developed brain and the ability to quickly adapt to stressful situations is emotional competence.We are talking about our ability to control our emotions, “not to cheat ourselves”, to create meaningful emotional connections with others, to see the good in the world around us and not to lose our sense of humor.

In other words, emotional competence is our ability to take the place of other people, feel gratitude, and calmly endure different life situations. Modern science and millennial wisdom have proven that grateful and happy people live longer and look more beautiful. This is due to a number of hormonal and neurochemical processes that cause specific mobility of facial muscles and skin structure: cheerful and grateful people have different facial expressions, they have different facial folds, they have fewer wrinkles, which are commonly called “senile”!

In short, plan and open new pages in your life, believe in yourself and make full use of the available resource, learn to manage emotions, thank for what you have and enjoy life. These rules are always relevant and guaranteed to prolong psychological, and therefore biological youth and give fullness of life.

By Stan Morales

7 myths about aging

Many people respect the elderly and take care of them. But no one wants to be in the same age category. People can hardly imagine life in old age happy, bright, and carefree. Life after 60 is associated with constant illnesses and restrictions in most cases for some reason. Many believe that life in old age cannot be full and exciting. But is there any real reason to believe this? You should figure it out.
The fact that your body and face are subject to age-related changes is indisputable. However, today there are numerous cosmetics and procedures that help hide or slow down the signs of aging in your appearance. So, this factor should definitely not frighten you. But there are still a number of myths and stereotypes about the process of aging and old age that cause horror among many people. But are they valid? Should you worry about what people say about old age? We do not think so and are ready to dispel existing myths about aging. Keep reading to find out what it is about.
Living organisms had to work hard to learn how to age: initially, the simplest single-celled animals did not have an aging mechanism, they lived forever. Given the fact that evolution has made all life on earth mortal, aging and dying are beneficial for the preservation of life as a whole. But aging and old age are phenomena that many people regard with great fear and prejudice. Business coach and coach Josh Hardy helps to debunk the most popular ones.


Indeed, we are all getting old. But age is not a diagnosis. To a greater extent, our own attitude to this issue makes us old or not old. And a young person can actually become an old man, but any of us is free to live without looking at the passport and not thinking about the numbers. Many of us live in certain social frameworks, patterns, following models that supposedly correspond to a particular age. The retirement is reflected in many destructive people are not able to feel popular and fade away.


For the most part, this is true. Again, we should blame this on the template that society imposes on us. And yet, recently, many people have managed to overcome this stereotype. Some, crossing a half-century threshold, begin to live a new rich and active life, become bolder, learn, create, travel, fall in love, share experiences and motivate young people. OLDER PEOPLE ARE MORE CONSERVATIVE AND CATEGORICAL IN THEIR VIEWS


There is a big difference between sports and small physical activities to keep fit. If a person has never done exercise, and in adulthood he was told that it is necessary to improve his condition, then, of course, you need to start it. But no need to rush a breast on an embrasure. Any process should be started dosed and measured.

It’s never too late to change your lifestyle and try something new. You can enter physical activity into your life from any age, the main thing is to choose the right level for yourself. Qualified doctors and trainers will help you with this.

I will give an example from life. My father radically changed himself and his habits at the age of 66. After the death of his mother, he experienced a lot of stress and grief, but he was not alone: we all supported him. It was this moment that became a turning point for him: he stopped drinking, started exercising, arranged a garden in the country and completely devoted himself to taking care of his family. He found a new meaning in life. A person can realize, understand and change their life at any age.


This question is individual for everyone, and such changes in the functioning of the body, of course, are caused biologically. But for those members of the older generation who live, rather than live, and strive for new knowledge and impressions, there is no such problem.DECREASE IN SEXUAL ACTIVITY AND DESIRE OR COMPLETE DISAPPEARANCE OF SEX

The decrease in sexual desire occurs due to hormonal changes in the body and slowing down processes. But in most cases, the decrease in libido is due to external circumstances: chronic diseases, side effects of medications, problems in the family, boredom, and stress. In older age, a decrease in attraction is as natural as, for example, the difference between the need for sex in 20-year-olds and 35-year-olds.

Desire and sex itself do not disappear with age, but society imposes a stereotype that older people simply do not have such needs or should not have them at all. It’s like the myth that there was no sex in the Soviet Union.


Any fears should be dealt with regardless of age. You need to understand them, understand them, and accept them. Everything that can be changed must be changed, and what is not — just accept. There is a beautiful phrase: “Everything that you are afraid of will happen to you.” What we think is happening to us. Therefore, you need to be careful with your thoughts, desires, and even fears. If you are afraid of old age, it is worth doing your own health, physical form, and all those things that can prolong the youth of not only the body, but also the spirit. This way you can reduce the likelihood of stroke, heart attack, and other diseases.


Old age is not necessarily a bad memory, dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease. Yes, many studies show that diseases related to memory and other brain functions are more common in people over the age of 70. But they do not come from old age, but from previous diseases, lifestyle, and other circumstances.BRAIN ACTIVITY IS REDUCED, WHICH LEADS TO VIOLATIONS OF MEMORY AND OTHER PROCESSES

You should not fill your head with such stereotypes — it is better to walk in the Park more often, read, solve problems, crosswords, do yoga, lead an active and busy life. Don’t waste time thinking about old age and illness.


This is not exactly true. Indeed, the body of people aged worse resists new viruses, because all processes in the body begin to slow down. However, over the years of life, the older person’s immune system manages to overcome a huge number of viruses and infections, which means that it develops effective protection against them in the future. The older we get, the fewer potential enemies we have.

By Stan Morales

The first signs of aging

There is not a single woman in the world who would be ready for the fact that her beauty will not be the same once. No matter how modern beauties try to avoid unpleasant signs of aging on the face and body, they still catch up with them. With age, each person’s skin loses its brightness and elasticity, and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth remind us of age. All this is quite unpleasant but constant companions of aging.
You will not be able to completely stop the aging process. But you can slow it down. It is very important to notice the first signs of aging of your skin in order to start an effective fight against aging as early as possible. You should remember that ignoring even the smallest wrinkles will inevitably lead to a worsening of the situation and the appearance of deeper and more noticeable wrinkles in the future.
In this article, you will find detailed information about what changes in your appearance are the first signs of aging. We will also tell you what you should do to slow down the appearance of age-related traces on your appearance.
You need to know and understand the body’s signals, then you can slow down this process and turn it back. In this article, we will talk about the signs of aging and rejuvenation specialists will give you tips.

The first signs of aging, what to look for, how to slow it down.

It is difficult and unpleasant to find the first signs of aging, women are beautiful and worry about preserving their beauty and youth. You need to know how to work for your youth and beauty, to prevent moments and signs that can provoke aging of the skin of the face and body, only then will you be able to stay young and beautiful for a long time. We all know such women who are ageless, they are always young and fit, which is the secret.

The first signs of aging, what to look for, how to slow it down

What to pay attention to:

1. Posture.

If you keep the correct posture, you can maintain a beautiful contour of the neck and face, this supports the muscle tone of the body. If you do not follow your back, then quickly folds are formed on the neck and in the decollete area, the skin will SAG and lose elasticity. It is not necessary to lose weight quickly and dramatically after 45 years, the metabolism at this age slows down and the cells are not restored as quickly as in youth.

2. Face.

Watch your face, the first wrinkles may appear in the outer corners of the eyes, on the forehead, in the corners of the lips, pay attention to the complexion, the skin around the eyes may become uneven, with dark circles and bags, you need to urgently change something. . Do not allow the second chin and blurring of the office face.

Young people have a good subcutaneous fat layer on the face, it keeps the skin in a normal state, but over time this layer becomes thinner, the cheeks are drawn in and the eyes sink in. This can provoke a sedentary lifestyle and as a result, blood circulation in the neck and back is disrupted.Face

Change your lifestyle and more movement, you need to be in the air every day and move, you need to change your diet, sleep and rest mode and bad habits greatly affect the appearance of a woman, all these named habits combined. Do exercises for the face and body and use special products for the skin of the eyelids and face.

3. Hands.

The condition of the skin of the hands depends on many factors: chemicals, dry air, working without gloves, veins become more noticeable. Pigmentation on the hands, thinned nails, here you need a comprehensive and proper care for your hands and you can help your hands stay beautiful and young. Use nourishing masks, creams, oils, use gloves more often during homework, take care of your hands and they will look great and well-groomed.

4. Figure.

By the age of 50, a woman’s body rebuilds the hormonal background, the figure begins to change, and extra pounds appear. You should not sharply limit yourself in food, you do not need to do this, the food should be full, varied and fractional, you can reduce the portions, but the main thing is to observe a healthy and correct lifestyle. If you do not cope yourself, you need to contact specialists.

5. Pigmentation.

Protect your skin from ultraviolet light, do not sunbathe unnecessarily and use special sun creams. Ultraviolet light increases the production of melanin cells, the subcutaneous tissue is thinning, you do not need it.

6. Chest.

Muscle tone may weaken and the shape of the breast does not change for the better. Regularly do strengthening exercises for the muscles of the chest and wear a supportive, well-chosen lingerie.

7. Voice.

The condition of the muscles also affects the vocal cords, the quality of the voice may change, do at least a little vocal, so that the voice does not become hoarse. Drink more clean water, it supports the health of the mucous membranes.good face

8. Hair.

We fight against gray hair simply, we paint it over, but we need to overcome the problem from the inside. You need to give them food, the necessary amount of protein in food, seafood, it’s all building material for hair and their health. Use the right hair care, choose a shampoo and balm for your hair, as well as the right comb, so that it does not injure your hair.

Do not panic, you need to keep a good mood, lead an active lifestyle, follow our advice on body care and you will be able to keep your youth forever.

Your body will thankfully respond to the careful attitude and caring care, health and beauty are provided for you. It is important to constantly take measures and monitor the state of the body and appearance, you should look well-groomed and attractive, the state of the body is reflected in the appearance of a person.

By Stan Morales

This discovery will bring back youth. We BEAT aging?

Unfortunately, the aging process affects not only a person’s appearance but also his physical and mental abilities. With age, people become more inattentive, their organism becomes less resistant to diseases, and the body is not able to tolerate heavy physical activity.
All this forces a person to abandon the usual way of life. But few of us are able to accept this. Many people try to find a “recipe for eternal youth”. They use various supplements in the hope of keeping their body and mind young. Millions of women around the world resort to plastic surgeons to preserve their beauty. But all these measures are temporary or completely useless.
However, there are claims from scientists that they have found the “recipe for eternal youth” that the whole world dreams of. It is worth noting that similar statements were made before but people did not get the desired effect. However, the technical equipment of modern scientists is constantly improving, and today they have powerful tools for making new discoveries. So, maybe they really managed to figure out how to defeat aging?

Hello friends! Over time, our body and brain begin to lose their former abilities and powers, and then inevitably comes old age. In old age, people can no longer boast of the health and sharpness of mind that they had in their youth, but what if this can be avoided and the lost years reversed?

Australian biologist and Professor of genetics David Sinclair is confident that he is on the verge of a great discovery and will soon be able to extend human life, while making it healthier. Scientists like Professor Sinclair have evidence of both acceleration and deceleration of aging. To understand what it looks like and how it happens, it’s worth a look at his lab, which is located North of San Francisco. In this place, lunar jellyfish are studied, which some believe are immortal. These creatures have a complex life cycle in which they start as a polyp similar to a small sea anemone, and after undergoing metamorphosis turn into jellyfish.

In most of these species, polyps can reproduce asexually and regenerate after damage.

In addition, they do not have clear indicators of aging that correspond to this biological term. Thus, these representatives of the marine world do not have a certain degree of immortality, but to understand whether they will help us prolong life, it is necessary to answer the main question, how do we actually age?

Every cell in our body has the same DNA, but their different types have different epigenomes. They have different ways of packing this gene chain and chemical signaling markers that are placed on the double helix in certain positions. Epigenetics allows different types of cells to perform their specific functions. They distinguish brain cells from skin cells. Thus, the epigenome is responsible for turning various parts of DNA on or off, this happens with proteins called histones.

The idea is that when your body is just forming an epigenome tells your cells what type they should be, but when you get older, according to the Professor’s theory, you lose information in the epigenome and this is important, because if this skin cell is then it should remain it, and in the absence of such control, the cell will forget its purpose and can begin to mutate. Our DNA is constantly destroyed by ultraviolet and x-ray radiation, when our body restores this damage, the epigenome is not completely reset and as a result is shortened. After that, our cells no longer perform their functions as before, that is, we age. And indeed, as we get older, the following changes occur. After 50 years, the brain begins to break down faster and over the next 30 years it becomes 10% lighter, and its volume decreases by almost 15 %. Muscle mass is reduced at a rate of up to 2% per year. Deteriorating eyesight, developing osteoporosis and other diseases of the joints show signs of wear and tear of the bones. The body withers, but is it possible to avoid this? If such a factor really causes aging, then a group of experts led by Professor Sinclair is ready to take the first steps trying to preserve epigenomes to slow down the rate of aging in our body. In comfortable conditions, microorganisms used their resources for growth and reproduction, while in aggressive environments they switched to protection and recovery. During activation, they create enzymes that support the epigenome, these elements include our General protection against aging, based on the data obtained, the Professor concluded that there is a certain mechanism for slowing the rate of aging of the body.

The idea is that for self-healing, the body needs a signal from the outside in the form of light stress, this can be any aerobic exercise-running, dancing, or long walks. You need to get out of your comfort zone, that is, to resist aging, you need to give the body additional load, do physical exercises, or at least just harden up. In this case, when the body receives a signal about a potential danger, it will start independently the processes necessary to restore and slow down aging. Reversing aging requires an epigenetic reset, as we know all the information about us is written in our genes, but this value is already the last century. A new science has entered the arena, telling us that we are not victims of genetics, but that epigenetics actually governs everything. Its essence is that our way of life, food, movement, sleep and emotions, with the help of a system of special tags, are able to turn on and off certain genes. A restart may be possible using the Yamanaka factors.

These 4 factors can turn an adult cell into a stem cell, that is, reload it. Professor Sinclair used 3 of 4 factors to reverse the aging process in the retinal cells of old mice. So scientists were able to reverse the aging process in the cells of experimental subjects.

The experiment shows that after the elderly animals began to receive a certain component, the processes of restoring age-related damage to the double chain began in their body. The cells of the human body at some point lose their ability to recover, but according to Sinclair, the NAD + molecule is the key to freezing the aging process. This element plays an important role in redox reactions occurring in the body.

So the scientists carried out experiments to increase the level of NAD+ in the body of mice and observed a positive effect.

The increase in the level of the substance over a short period of time triggered the mechanisms of “repair” of DNA, which were destroyed with age in these individuals. The mechanism not only prevented further damage to the DNA, but was also able to heal some existing damage, so the subjects for example began to see again. But it is impossible to apply such gene therapy to each of the trillions of cells, so a different way will be needed to fully use the technique. And here jellyfish can come to the rescue. any cell of an adult individual of this creature can be reloaded at an earlier stage of its life cycle. It can become a polyp again after the maturation phase, it seems that the jellyfish is actually able to activate something like Yamanaka factors and reset epigenomes early in their life. It remains to find out how they do it and whether the technology will be compatible with the human body!

In the case of jellyfish, while few people understand and want to Fund these studies, perhaps someone just does not benefit from people defeating aging? And how do you think scientists will be able to solve the mystery of immortality and whether a person can overcome old age forever? Although there are no specific means for rejuvenation yet, we can still prolong youth simply by introducing a healthy active lifestyle and of course leaving the comfort zone.