Hogwarts great hall christmas dinner

While studio tour visitors typically just walk through the Great Hall set before moving on, Thursday evening was quite different. The Hogwarts dining room was dressed for the festive season with. Learn how you can visit Hogwarts's Great Hall and have dinner during the holiday season. Tickets are pricey but the experience is worth it!

Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London, home to sets from all the Harry Potter films, is launching something extra special this holiday season: Dinner in the Hogwarts Great Hall. Hogwarts Great Hall hosting Christmas dinner for dozens of Harry Potter fans By Adam Poltrack @AdamPoltrack — Posted on October 4, 2015 - 10: 00AM Harry Potter fans are being offered the opportunity to have dinner in Hogwarts Great Hall. Hosted at the Harry Potter Warner Bros.

Studio Tour in London on December 3, the event kicks off with. You can now celebrate Christmas at Hogwarts. Dinner in the Hogwarts Great Hall. At the event, which will take place on Dec. 3, guests will be served at tables of 10. TIME may receive.

This holiday season, muggles can live the Hogwarts dream. Harry Potter super fans are invited to dine in Hogwarts’ Great Hall for a real-life Yule Ball, made famous by the boy wizard himself.

Hogwarts Great Hall hosting Christmas dinner for dozens of Harry Potter fans By Adam Poltrack @AdamPoltrack — Posted on October 4, 2015 - 10: 00AM - 10: 00AM Share on Facebook Tweet this Share We've always been a bit jealous of Hogwarts students and their amazing dining options in the Great Hall, and now, fans of the Harry Potter series ha.

Oct 20, 2017. gotten your Hogwarts acceptance letter, but thanks to Warner Bros.you can still attend a Harry Potter Christmas feast inside the Great Hall. Harry Potter Fans Can Eat Christmas Dinner at Hogwarts Great Hall The Warner Studio Tour in London puts on a festive feast. Ever since the Harry Potter Studio Tour started having a Christmas dinner in the Great Hall a few years ago, I knew this was something I needed to go to, and put it. Harry Potter fans longing to enjoy Christmas dinner at Hogwarts will have the chance to do so once again with the return of the Great Hall feast.

The glamourous event from the Warner Bros Studio. Oct 26, 2017. If a Hogwarts letter is the top of your wishlist this Christmas, then your dreams can be made true with this Harry Potter dinner, hosted in the. At the Warner Bros. studio tour in Leavesden, England, Harry Potter fans can enjoy a Christmas dinner once a year in the Hogwarts Great Hall set.

It is in the Great Hall that some of Harry Potter. A look inside the magical Christmas dinner at Hogwarts's Great Hall You can take a trip on the actual Hogwarts Express Harry Potter fans can enroll at Hogwarts IRL Warner Bros has announced a Hogwarts dinner event. Guests can celebrate the holidays on the Great Hall set, dressed with props from the Harry Potter movies.

Harry Potter fans are starting to embrace a yearly tradition. They'll once more have the chance to enjoy Christmas dinner in Hogwarts' Great Hall. More specifically, the Great Hall set that's. If you're a Harry Potter fan then you'll probably want to enjoy your Christmas meal in the Great Hall with a pint of Butterbeer. From a night in the 'Harry Potter hotel' to dinner at Hogwarts' Great Hall: How to enjoy the ultimate super fan weekend in London this Christmas A rare opportunity to have Christmas dinner in the most famous wizarding school sold out within 24 hours.

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London announced a" Dinner in the Great Hall" of Hogwarts. The Great Hall is the perfect Christmas venue The Great Hall is one of the finest places to tuck into a Christmas dinner. No one, not even someone dreading taking Polyjuice Potion later, could fail to enjoy Christmas dinner at Hogwarts. Here's what it's like to celebrate Christmas at Hogwarts Frosty butterbeer, death eaters and flaming puddings on Platform 9 3/4 Here's What It's Like to Celebrate Christmas in the Great Hall at.