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Envisioned as a community-wide experiential event LUNA Fête 2015 will begin on November 29, 2015, illuminating Gallier Hall with a Gallier hall christmas lights outdoor projection of light and video by France-based La Maison Productions.

Nov 20, 2014. Thanksgiving is a week away which means that Christmas preparations are in over-drive. The Quarter will light up a tree tonight.

In the CBD. In addition to the Gallier Hall animation, the Arts Council of New Orleans plans to offer an art marketplace in Lafayette Square and several other light sculptures along Lafayette Street adjacent to Lafayette Square. Christmas Lights, Nights and Decor in New Orleans. So much to see. ! ! » Gallier Hall Light Show in the Warehouse District. Luna Fete Kim Cook, who became Arts Council director in August 2013, hopes that the Gallier Hall projection is just the beginning of a series of outdoor light displays that will someday become a regular part of the New Orleans art scene.

Shine Bright: Where to See Holiday Lights This Season. season with two miles of twinkling holiday lights and a giant Christmas tree at the Astor Crowne Plaza. James Gallier, Jr. designed the French Opera House that was the center of culture for the city from 1859 until it burned in 1919.

In 1857, at the height of their fame and prestige, the Galliers designed a home of their own in the 1100 block of Royal Street. Celebrate Christmas New Orleans Style& enjoy our Special Papa Noel New Orleans Rates!. Gallier Hall. Catch even more holiday lights at.

Christmas light display. This exhibit is one of a kind and oh-so Nola! Interactive and light-based art installations are projected against the beautiful Gallier Hall at Lafayette Square. In fact, it’s the longest-running annual large-scale projection mapping festival in the nation.

Nov 6, 2017. Children from local school choirs will perform Christmas music in the. The interactive lights fest uses Gallier Hall's statuesque columns as its.

Our New Orleans Events December guide highlights all the NOLA this December 2017. Featuring an ALL-NEW GALLIER HALL SHOW and local artists work, LUNA Fête will. Nov 18, 2015. Highlights include the “Dripping Snow Tree, ” a massive live oak covered. 16: Don Vappie presents a Very Vappie Christmas. technology to transform Lafayette Square's circa-1853 Gallier Hall into a modern masterpiece. Gallier Hall is located within the Central Business District of New Orleans.

For more information on booking this facility, please contact: Wanda Wells Gallier Hall Manager Office (504) 658-3627 Fax (504) 565-7458. Gallier Hall is managed by the City of New Orleans Department of Property Management. Gallier Hall is currently a convention center, reception hall, and home of the Ty Tracy Theatre, named for the late artistic director of Gallier hall christmas lights New Orleans Recreation Department (NORD) Theatre.

The Ty Tracy Theatre is home to Julie Condy's Crescent City Lights Youth Theatre organization. Luna Fete 2017 dazzles with contemporary light installation at Gallier Hall Between the two of them they designed some of New Orleans’ most famous and recognizable landmarks, a number of which still stand today, including the Greek Revival-style Gallier Hall on St.

Charles Avenue, which served as New Orleans’ City Hall for a century. 15 Christmas-y things to do in New Orleans throughout the holidays. against the beautiful Gallier Hall at Lafayette Square. Christmas lights along St. Charles. Lights on Gallier Hall. Photo courtesy of Terri Marshall. Just outside the city at Oak Alley Plantation you can experience a traditional plantation Christmas with.

Keep your social calendar merry and bright this month with our list of 15 things to do in December. lights up Gallier Hall. (Courtesy photo). Christmas trees. The Arts Council New Orleans’ LUNA Fête takes place at Lafayette Square/ Gallier Hall, 545 St Charles Ave.from Wednesday Dec. 7 - Saturday, Dec. 10, from 6: 00 p. m. - 9: 00 p. m. LUNA Fête is a visionary event utilizing the city’s iconic landscape as the canvas for outdoor public artworks created with light.

After dinner, consider taking an evening walk to Lafayette Square to watch the spectacular lights and technology of the Arts Council of New Orleans’ annual holiday festival, Luna Fete. The interactive lights fest uses Gallier Hall’s statuesque columns as its canvas for vibrant and whimsical projections. Read all of the posts by CarlieKollathWells on New in NOLA.

Merry Christmas and happy new year! Thanks for going on this journey with us. LUNA Fête (which stands for Light Up NOLA Arts) blends New Orleans' historic. of Gallier Hall with Lafayette Square serving as an advantageous viewing spot. It’s a light show that will stimulate your senses!

Blending New Orleans’ historic architecture with contemporary light and video mapping technology, sound installation and motion graphics, LUNA Fête (Light Up NOLA Arts) will launch at Gallier Hall on Sunday, November 30 with twice-nightly shows. LUNA stands for “Light Up NOLA Arts, ” and LUNA Fête is the Arts Council’s event to “shine a light” on the arts community of New Orleans. The centerpiece of LUNA Fête is a projection mapping installation on Gallier Hall but you’ll also find a nightly arts market, as well as artist installations along Lafayette Street.

Gallier Hall Light Show. This entry was posted on Saturday, December 6th, 2014 at 4: 56 PM and is filed under. You can follow any responses to this entry through the. Local Businesses Announce Holiday Happenings. more than 2 million twinkling Christmas lights strung along two miles of Convention Center Boulevard to Canal Street.

3D Projection light show on New Orleans' Gallier Hall on December 3, 2014. Display put on by LUNA Fete Thanksgiving is a week away which means that Christmas preparations are in over-drive. The Quarter will light up a tree tonight. In the CBD, Gallier Hall is prepping for a high-tech light show, and the New Orleans Marketing and Tourist Corporation (NOTMC) unveiled a new publicity campaign for the. New Orleans Holiday Happenings. mapping technology to transform Lafayette Square’s circa-1853 Gallier Hall into a modern masterpiece.

Free viewings take place. In an attempt to go Griswold, you broke out the Christmas lights to decorate your house this weekend. The only result was a tangle of cords and far too many expletives yelled in your front yard. For a light display to trump all others, head to Gallier Hall in Lafayette Square for Luna Fête.

Architectural animation, laser rainbow, holiday art market, and interactive light spheres. In addition to the Gallier Hall. such as the 35-ft.

geometric Christmas tree bonfire on Algiers. About Gallier Hall This impressive Greek Revival building was the inspiration of James Gallier Sr.

Erected between 1845 and 1853, it served as City Hall for just over a century. After the completion of the building's basement, the city ran out of money to fund the project, and construction was delayed. Light up NOLA Arts Fete to Illuminate Downtown Dec 6-9. Mexico, will play at the start of each hour on Gallier Hall, which was New Orleans' city hall for more than a century.

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