Each age has its own anti-aging cream
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Each age has its own anti-aging cream

Each age has its own anti-aging cream: how to choose the right anti-aging cosmetics and use it without disappointment a woman looks at her face in the mirror after 30 years, signs of aging gradually begin to appear on her face. Fine lines form around the eyes, the complexion fades, and the skin becomes dry and flabby. This causes a strong disorder in young and active women, whose internal state does not correspond to the appearance of the face at all.

Anti-aging face creams are designed to eliminate and prevent this problem. Funds can not be purchased on the recommendation of friends and reviews on the Internet. The cream should be selected individually, based on age problems and skin type. So it’s better to figure it out for yourself.

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Content Age-related skin changes Features of anti-aging face cream Types of creams and selection rules skin Type How to apply anti-aging cream Review of popular brands How to prepare a cream at home Age-related skin changes Three faces of different ages aging is a natural process of age-related changes in the body, the first signs of which appear on the skin of the face. This is logical. The skin of the face is more exposed to external factors than other organs, often shrinks and is closely connected with all body systems. Involution (reverse development) of the skin begins at the age of 30 years, most pronounced after 40 years. Serious changes occur in the skin: thinning of the epidermis (the upper layer of the skin); slowing down exfoliation; reducing the production of subcutaneous fat; reducing the rate of cell renewal by almost 2 times (regeneration); violation of the ability to absorb moisture from the environment; reducing the production of collagen (elasticity protein); thickening of blood vessels (malnutrition); decreased activity of the sebaceous glands (dry skin); activity of pigmentation processes.Each age has its own anti-aging cream

Externally, it appears rough, dry and flabby skin. On hard, highly stretchable and inelastic skin, wrinkles quickly develop. Violation of cell nutrition, active pigmentation and protruding small vessels make the complexion unattractive. A relatively small number of elastic fibers cannot support the skin. It sags at the corners of the eyelids and mouth, leaving the feeling of an eternally angry and tired person. The oval of the face changes and deforms. Features of anti-aging face cream there is no Single cream formula. Each cosmetology concern develops its own recipe for different skin types and aging. What is included in the Search for effective means to combat aging is ongoing. Therefore, the list of active substances is updated with new elements every year. Many of them simply do not have time to test, based only on the theoretical base. Therefore, it is better not to experiment, use creams with proven and predictable action of the components. Hydration and moisture retention These active substances absorb moisture and maintain an optimal level of moisture in all cells. A thin protective film is formed on the surface of the skin, protecting it from external influences. Active ingredients: hyaluronic acid; glycerin; panthenol; aquaporins; propylene glycol. After application, the cracks of wrinkles are filled in, which visually makes the skin more even. Eliminates peeling of the epidermis and minor inflammation. Antioxidant protection a Woman with a cream in her hand these substances inhibit the development of free radicals that damage healthy skin cells.

They slow down the formation of wrinkles and aging, increase the activity of the skin’s natural defense and metabolism. Active ingredients: vitamins C, E; coenzyme Q10; green tea and grape seed extracts; astaxanthin; glutathione; alpha-lipolic acid; beta-carotene, retinol and lycopene. Additionally, the substances protect the skin from the sun’s rays. These substances improve the function of skin fibroblasts that produce proteins and hyaluronic acid. Ingredients: elastin and collagen; peptide complexes; amino acids; rice and Myrtle extracts; resveratrol; dimethylethanolamine (DMAE), THPE; proxylan, rhamnose, kinetin; Royal jelly. With regular use, the skin tone and turgor increase, and the facial contour is restored.

Intensive nutrition and accelerated regeneration These components make up for the lack of nutrients, accelerate the metabolism and renewal of skin cells. Make up for the lack of lipids (fats) in the epidermis. karite, jojoba, coconut, olive, rice bran oils; retinol (vitamin A); aloe extract; sea buckthorn, rosehip, and fir oils. There are also universal components with versatile action. Recently, creams with slime and secret of snails, extracts of black caviar or algae, snake venom and other exotic components have become popular. Effects from the application Do not expect a quick and highly noticeable effect. It is unable to completely eliminate deep wrinkles, severe sagging of the skin and deformity of the oval face.

The effects of most creams are achieved by accumulating regular action of active ingredients. Therefore, you can visually notice changes after 10-14 days of use. The skin color changes, minor inflammations and age spots are eliminated. It becomes more elastic and velvety to the touch, and due to constant hydration, fine wrinkles are smoothed out. The oval of the face looks more toned. The keratinized layer of the epidermis is eliminated. The skin evens out and begins to reflect light in a different way. Looks radiant and healthy. Indications and contraindications there is no Consensus on when to start using anti-aging cosmetics.

Early application of creams, when the skin does not need strong components, will disrupt its natural processes. You will need a constant supply of expensive drugs. Only one thing cosmetologists agree on: from the age of 28, all women need to include in the complex of facial care good moisturizing creams with filters from UV radiation. Otherwise, you need to focus on the condition of the skin, especially after 30 years. The fact that it’s time to choose an anti-aging cream.: reduced elasticity; appearance of fine wrinkles; formation of age spots; color fading; excessive dryness; drooping corners of the mouth. In addition to early age, individual sensitivity to the components may be a contraindication to use. In this case, a strong allergic reaction may occur. Therefore, when studying the composition, you need to be especially careful, and after buying the cream, be sure to test it. Patients with chronic dermatitis need to select special hypoallergenic creams with a light texture without aggressive components.

Such tools can be found in the lines of concerns that produce dermatocosmetics. Types of creams and selection rules the choice of cream should be treated very carefully. Almost all products contain a note about the age. This is no accident. The formula is developed based on the processes in the skin that are characteristic of a certain age.

Pharmacy creams woman and several bottles of cosmetics are the safest and most effective means, the results of which are confirmed by testing and quality certificates. The components of the creams do not mask, but treat and eliminate skin disorders. They are characterized by a balanced and safe composition. They do not contain harmful preservatives, fragrances, parabens or allergic components. The only downside is the relatively high price, but it matches the results. Night creams are designed for intensive nutrition, deep hydration, restoration of metabolism and production of natural skin proteins. Depending on the components, they neutralize the effects of oxidation processes in the skin that accumulate during the day due to environmental factors.Each age has its own anti-aging cream

Day creams These products are lighter in texture. Together with the main substances, they contain components with protective properties against environmental factors and UV rays. Be sure to purchase creams separately for the night and day. They work in different ways. Day cream additionally protects the skin from external factors, night cream nourishes and restores. Eye care Products are designed to care for the thin skin around the eyes. With the right selection, they eliminate puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and sagging.

After 30 Years of age

After 30 Years of age, it is important to focus on preventing wrinkles. The cream should contain sunscreen filters, antioxidants and components that maintain the level of hydration in the skin. For example, hyaluronic acid. After 35-40 years at this age, the loss of natural skin collagen is already pronounced and noticeable by external signs. You need to select creams with substances that stimulate the production of elastin and collagen. As a rule, they are marked “lifting effect”. Fast-acting components: low-molecular-weight peptides, glucans, rhamnose, and collagen. After 50 years, there Is a pronounced process of deformation of the oval face, which indicates menopausal aging. The composition of the cream should include versatile active ingredients. These are peptides, retinol, growth factors, and energy stimulators.

They must be supplemented with antioxidants, oils, moisturizing and nourishing components. In the video, a professional cosmetologist gives recommendations to choose the right anti-aging cream. Skin type Cream buy suitable skin type: oily, normal and dry. Preparations for dry skin contain elements of special fats to soften and moisturize.

They are not suitable for use on oily skin and may cause blockage of the sebaceous ducts. Creams for oily skin contain components that reduce fat production and narrow the ducts. Applying them to dry skin will lead to additional drying. Composition Is the most difficult indicator. In order for the cream to work in a targeted way, it is to eliminate individual problems that they need to be identified. Only experienced cosmetologists can cope with this task. Therefore, you need to consult with a specialist. If this is not possible, they are guided by age and skin type. How to apply anti-aging cream after purchasing a new anti-aging cream, you need to conduct a sensitivity test.